Commercial Services

TO Pipelining One of the biggest problems with most commercial buildings having a sewer problem, is the amount of time that the business will be down. Trenchless commercial lining is the fastest solution to a sewer replacement. Our epoxy impregnated liner takes only a few hours to cure after installation. With this short cure time, we can have you back up and running quicker than any other repair method. Not only is our system fast, but it also requires very little digging. Unlike traditional methods of dig and replace of a sewer line, trenchless commercial lining does not require the excavation of the entire length of the pipe. With a couple of planned access points, a new sewer line can be installed. Trenchless commercial lining not only requires less excavation and is faster than other methods, but it is also typically less expensive.

Most common pipe lining applications for commercial and business use: restaurants, shopping malls, grocery stores, parking lots, hotels, strip malls, dentist offices, hospitals and office parks.

Key Benefits of Commercial Lateral Lining
  • Lower cost
  • No extra repair costs to the building
  • Very little down time
  • Less intrusion on the company
  • Pipe life expectancy est. minimum of 50 years
  • Seamless = No joints to leak
  • Smooth surface improves flow capacity
  • No damage to interior walls
  • No damage to landscaping or foundation.
  • Eliminates root intrusion
  • Stops leaks from infiltration/exfiltration
  • Bridges missing sections of pipe
  • Re-lines virtually any pipe material
  • Repairs 2" - 12" diameter pipe