Electrical Conduit Lines

We can also rehabilitate existing underground conduit lines that have deteriorated over time. We first inspect the pipelines to see where the damage has occurred or visually inspect the amount of debris to be removed from the pipeline. Once the pipeline has been inspected we either use cable or rodding machines to remove roots and debris or use high pressure jetting. Our jetting equipment has the capabilities of removing roots and debris in the conduit without damaging the existing structure. All waste removed from the pipeline can be vacuumed up using our vac truck or trailer mounted vacuum and removed. Once the conduit is clean and clear of debris we use air inversion to place a new seamless and joint less epoxy liner in the pipeline.The new liner acts as a stand alone pipe within the existing conduit with a 50 year warranty.

The new liner placed inside the existing conduit will eliminate any infiltration from groundwater completely. The liner will also smooth any offset joints or sharp edges that may strip the wires being pulled through the pipeline. We have lined thousands of feet of conduit and have always had satisfied customers. Call us to asses and fix your underground or even vertical conduit lines.
  • Conduit runs from vault to vault
  • Lining of a partial conduit or duct section
  • Can line through multiple bends in the conduit
  • Engineer Tested to ASTM D 648 Standards
  • Meets or Exceeds Deflection Temperature Under Load Ratings for underground Electrical Conduit
  • Meets or Exceeds ASTM F1216 Standard for the Rehabilitation of Existing Pipelines & Conduits
Conduit Repair