Lateral Reinstatement in
Wilkins Township, Youngstown, Youngwood

A critical part of sewer rehabilitation is the reconnection of the laterals after a sewer pipe has been relined. Depending on the length and location of the re-lining project, an underground contractor may need to reinstate just a few lateral connections or have a hefty job of more than 1,000. We have the proper tooling to make this process go smoothly and quickly.

A lateral cutter that can handle the wear and tear of cutting through the new liner in a variety of pipe and pipe size is crucial to this process.

Simply stated, a lateral cutter is a remotely controlled unit that is used to reinstate the lateral connections in the renewed pipe. Its function is clear cut: The cutter is inserted into the mainline and advanced toward the lateral connection that is located via a coordinated measurement. The cutter makes an initial hole to relieve any flow that may have accumulated in the lateral and to help remove the remainder of the lining material from the lateral opening so the lateral can be reconnected.

Example of Branch Drain Line Reinstatement