Pipes Down Under®

Patented Helix Pipe Lining System for Swimming Pool Underground Pipe Repair

Pool, Fountain & Waterfall Underground Pipe Repair

PDU is an innovative company providing a patented Trenchless Pool Pipe Repair system for the repair of leaking or cracked underground swimming pool piping without the need to excavate. This patented process will perform Underground Pipe Repair in a fraction of the time it takes to excavate and replace the existing pipe and will save thousands of dollars in machinery costs, time and labor costs along with non disruption to the swimming pool environmental surroundings.

PDU liners are carefully made of materials such as Santoprene TPR (NSF-61) and EPDM (FDA 21 CFR 177.2600). The annealed external polypropylene helix prevents liner collapse, increases integrity and minimizes resistance during pipe insertion. Liners come in basic 25, 50 and 100 foot-lengths ranging in size from 1½" to 2" in diameter. Lengths and diameters can be increased for certain applications.
  • Residential, commercial and municipal swimming pools
  • Decorative fountains and waterfalls
Note: For larger diameter piping we offer cured in place pipe liners.