Residential Services

Are you having regular back-ups and feel like you are constantly calling a plumber? Do you have a lawn, shrubs, trees, or driveway that you want to keep in place? Residential pipelining is your solution. Many homeowners are faced with a deteriorating, cracked, or broken drain line. Digging and replacing a drain line can be costly, irritating, and destructive to the landscape of a home. Fortunately, there is another option. With trenchless residential lining, a new drain line can be installed with only a couple of small access points. Our certified installation technicians can be in and out with a very minimal repair time (typically within one day). The benefits of residential pipelining are as follows.

Key Benefits of Commercial Lateral Lining
  • Lower cost than traditional methods
  • Faster repair time
  • Less inconvenient to the homeowner
  • Pipe life to est. minimum of 50 years
  • Seamless = No joints to leak
  • Smooth surface improves flow capacity
  • No damage to interior walls
  • No damage to landscaping or foundation.
  • Eliminates root intrusion
  • Stops leaks from infiltration/exfiltration
  • Bridges missing sections of pipe
  • Re-lines virtually any pipe material
  • Repairs 2"-12" diameter pipe
Lateral Lining System - Installation Process
  • The damaged pipe is cleaned and inspected.
  • A measurement is then taken so the pipe-liner material can be cut to length.
  • The 100% epoxy resin is then mixed and poured into the liner material impregnating it.
  • The pipe-liner is then loaded into the launching unit.
  • Then the pipe-liner is inserted into the pipe through an inversion process that utilizes air pressure.
  • This literally turns the pipe-liner material inside out which allows the resin to bond with the host pipe.
  • The resin cures within 3 hours.
  • The pipe is put back into service for up to 50 years.
Most common pipe lining applications for residential use: homes, mobile homes, apartments, condos, swimming pools