Sub Contracting

Pittsburg Trenchless and Pipelining works with multiple plumbing companies to help meet their lining demand. We are not just a plumbing company and we do not compete with our sub-contractors. We actually give referrals for all plumbing work to the companies we partner with.

The way our subcontracting works is very simple. If you have a pipe that needs to be re-lined give us a call. As long as you can gain access to the existing pipeline, clean the line we will show up in unmarked vehicles and provide a wholesale rate to you to reline the pipe. We are fully licensed and insured as Pittsburg Trenchless and Pipelining. Our staff will arrive on schedule and provide the pipe lining service to your requirements.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help meet the needs of your clients.

Key Benefits of Lateral Lining Sub Contracting
  • Years of lining experience
  • Most competitive pricing in the industry
  • Third party tested & certified ASTM F1216 specifications for Cured-In-Place-Pipe
  • We use only environmentally safe/odorless materials
  • NSF Standard 14 certified
  • We value your time and your customer's property as much as you
  • You won't be disappointed
  • We are not a plumbing company and do not compete with our subcontractors
  • Fixed right the first time
Lateral Lining System - Installation Process
  • The damaged pipe is cleaned and inspected.
  • A measurement is then taken so the pipe-liner material can be cut to length.
  • The 100% epoxy resin is then mixed and poured into the liner material impregnating it.
  • The pipe-liner is then loaded into the launching unit.
  • Then the pipe-liner is inserted into the pipe through an inversion process that utilizes air pressure.
  • This literally turns the pipe-liner material inside out which allows the resin to bond with the host pipe.
  • The resin cures within 3 hours.
  • The pipe is put back into service for up to 50 years.