Vertical Roof Drains

Pipe Solutions, inc. can also solve problems in vertical pipelines such as roof leaders, electrical conduit and chiller pipelines. Using our air inversion process we can rehabilitate your vertical pipelines while providing a structural repair. We own reinstatement equipment that allows us to lineover connections in vertical pipelines and re-open them smoothly. If you have any questions about vertical pipelining applications give us a call at anytime.

Key Benefits of Vertical Roof Drain Lining
  • Lower cost than traditional methods
  • Faster repair time
  • Less inconvenient
  • Pipe life to est. minimum of 50 years
  • Seamless = No joints to leak
  • Smooth surface improves flow capacity
  • No damage to interior walls
  • No damage to landscaping or foundation.
  • Bridges missing sections of pipe
  • Re-lines virtually any pipe material
  • Repairs 2" - 12" diameter pipe